One of the best World of Warcraft players in the world, Byron Bernstein, died at the age of 31. The causes of the gamer’s death have not yet been revealed, but it could be suicide.

Gamers around the world have just lost one of their own. Thursday, July 2, Byron Bernstein died suddenly at the age of 31 . The young man, better known by the pseudonym Reckful, was one of the best players in World of Warcraft and regularly broadcast his games on the Twitch platform, where he had more than 950,000 subscribers. Forbes reported that he had placed in first place in the famous online multiplayer role-playing game for six consecutive seasons. As of yet, the causes of his death have not been revealed, but it could be suicide . His former girlfriend, Blue Madrigal , hinted that Byron Bernstein had lost his life.”Someone I love has killed himself. I wish I could say something to stop him … Why?” wrote the one who is better known by her alias, Blue Goes Mew on Twitter, before responding to Internet users who wondered if she was talking about Byron Bernstein : “Yes, he’s him. He’s gone” .

“I’m lost right now. Something I’ve been afraid of happening for so long has happened. I can’t stop crying. It’s so painful (…) I wish I could say something to prevent it. I still think there is something I could have said or done … I wish I had reached out to her, ” continued the young woman, still on Twitter. Blue Goes Mew went on to address his fans: “Thank you to everyone who reached out to him. I wish he could see how much he is loved and all the good things people have said to honor his memory. Remember, your words / tweets affect people, even famous people. Be nice . “Blue Madrigal also shared a video of her with her former companion . “Byron, I wish I could help you. We all do. I’m really sorry I can’t ,” said the young woman. ” Thank you for being part of my life. I still love you.”

“Byron just wanted everyone to be friends”

Byron Bernstein’s death came just hours after he posted a series of mental health tweets , and after apparently asking his ex-girlfriend Becca Cho to marry him. “I know I’ll always be a bit crazy … and this is proof … but at least you will never get bored you. Will you marry me, Becca? He tweeted. Do him not feel the pressure to say yes, I’m completely crazy. I haven’t seen her in 6 months. The reason for the post is that I know she is the one I want forever, and I wanted her to know that my commitment is real. ” After the announcement of the death of Byron Bernsteain, Becca Cho spoke in a long text .”I didn’t see his proposal until it was too late, but that doesn’t change the fact that I couldn’t be there for him, ” started the young woman. He was incredible. learned to have fun, live more and challenged me to try to be more than I was. He was larger than life, too big for this world. “

“He made me realize that I knew NOTHING about depression, NOTHING about mental health issues . I had this vague idea of ​​what it was and thought embarrassing that I could help with bullshit insignificant , “she continued.” We loved each other, but it came with his difficulties. I was incredibly insecure when it came to him, I couldn’t even recognize myself. I don’t feel capable of to be the person he needed in his life. ” Becca Cho concluded her farewell message to her former boyfriend by explaining that “we need better support for those with mental needs” :”Byron just wanted everyone to be friends, so let’s be for each other in these difficult times. I’ll do my best to live as best as possible, Byron. I promise. Rest in peace . “