Orlando Bloom
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom will soon become parents. The singer will become a mother for the first time, but the actor is already familiar with the experience of paternity – he has a nine-year-old son from Miranda Kerr.

Orlando does not wait until he will again babysit the baby. He spoke about this in the Good Morning America show. Bloom says he is looking forward to family home time, when he, his bride and baby will be the only one.

You take care of the child, are constantly present, look where you can help your mother. I really really look forward to these late nights when I get up and feed the little one out of the bottle. I love this time – the whole world is sleeping, and you have a sleeping baby next to you. This is a magical time when the planet is filled with energy. I feel it so

– shared Bloom.

Orlando also praised his beloved Katie and noted that she copes well with pregnancy.

She is gorgeous. If not for her large belly, it would be generally incomprehensible that she was pregnant. She is the very power of nature. It’s so natural for her, she does a great job, it’s amazing,

– said the actor.

Katie and Orlando’s baby should be born this summer, the couple will have a girl. The actor and singer are not yet married – they planned to have a wedding this summer in Japan, but because of the coronavirus, the triumph had to be postponed.