The actress focuses on the good things …

Wonder Woman has not received any Oscar nominations, which may seem confusing given the success of the film. However, Gal Gadot, who plays the famous Amazon is no more offended than that.


What a wonderful time at the PGA Awards last night.

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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she explains her reasons: “I was very touched and moved by the feedback from people who were disappointed that Wonder Woman was not nominated at the Oscars, but we certainly did not make the film for it. ”

Philosopher in adversity

For Gal Gadot, it does not matter if the film did not even receive a hug in a technical category. And rightly.


“I think we can not have everything. We made this film, and it received such a great reception that we want to be humble and grateful. And then we’ll do another one, so who knows? Maybe it will be for next time! She added.