Anthony Kavanagh has gone back to his health tests of the last few months this week.

The humor star confided to the Journal de Montréal. In the interview, he confessed to being really afraid of dying. Is that it has suffered an embolism as well as pulmonary infarction. The second health problem was due to the first.

Anthony Kavanagh was hospitalized for 5 days and it was then that he feared the worst:

”  When I could not breathe, I thought about it all. I thought it was over. 

Fortunately, he was in good hands and today is much better. He remains on sick leave for the moment but is expected to return to the scene in February.

Remember that before having an embolism and an infarction, Anthony Kavanagh suffered from infectious cellulitis, septic bursitis and streptococcus A in 2017.

We wish him an iron health for 2018!