After a first episode that broke records at the World Box Office, Wonder Woman sees its sequel take shape gradually.


Even though Gal Gadot conditions his return from Bratt Ratner, the historical producer of Warner’s superhero films accused of sexual harassment, Warner continues to advance. The studio has settled the issue of achievement, which is again entrusted to Patty Jenkins, while the story could lead us in the 80s.

But so far expected for December 19, 2019, Wonder Woman 2 will finally be released on November 1 of the same year (via THR ), with a month ahead.

So far, this date was assigned to an unnamed DC movie, but it’s to carefully avoid Star Wars 9 that Warner made that decision. The film Disney and Lucasfilm have indeed been postponed to Christmas 2019 when JJ Abrams was confirmed as a director. To avoid a counter-performance, Wonder Woman 2 will be a little ahead of the Atlantic, and probably also at home.