A video shows us this little feat accomplished by a youtubeur handyman!

When you know how to tinker, nothing seems impossible. And that is what we prove today Scotty Allen who manufactured a wireless charging for his iPhone 7. A model that does not benefit from this feature at the base since only the iPhone 8 and iPhone X have. The man posted a video to show the approach to succeed this little technical feat. Obviously, the man will have taken many times to succeed his company. Determined to share his feat, Scotty Allen has even put on sale the kit for this wireless charging on its site.

A wireless charging for the iPhone 7? It’s possible !


Wireless charging is a technology that is becoming more popular for most smartphones. For now, recovering the battery with the latter is rather slow but gradually, builders are gaining in speed. On the side of Apple, it is only from the iPhone 8 and iPhone X that it is possible to benefit. Still, a man named Scotty Allen has managed to offer wireless charging for the iPhone 7 with some hacking. The man explains it to be repeated many times for a result that you can discover in the video above!

For those who also want to take advantage of this technology, the kit is sold for $ 70 on the Scotty Allen site . A small gadget far from essential but friendly – is not it better to wait for the Cupertino company to offer a fast and powerful wireless charging?