A Warning has been issued by the U.S Department of Homeland Security last Thursday for windows users to remove the application of Apple’s QuickTime. This alert has been issued in the response to Trend Micro’s report of 2 security flaws in the software, and these flaws won’t be patched because Apple’s has ended support for the QuickTime App.


US-CERT which is part of the DHS’ National Cyber security and Communication Integration Center has said that Computers using QuickTime are prone to risk of salacious attack or might be data loss, even the remote attackers could take the total control of the affected system.
Christopher Budd who is global threat communication manager at Trend Micro said in a briefing We alerted DHS because we felt the situation was broad enough that people having un-patched vulnerabilities on their system needed to be made aware,”.
Support for the Apples users for QuickTime has not been discontinued on Apple systems. Moreover it is also not clear why apples took this decision to end support for the Windows users.

Although computers running the QuickTime software for Windows will work okay after this support ends but they might be prone to viruses or other security attacks by using this unsupported software.