A new feature has been rolled out by Google for managing life goals in Google
Calendar. This newly added feature in Google calendar would help users to
achiever their goals.

Users of this app would set a goal, e.g body workout more often, some relevant
question would be asked by app, like how many times or how often they would
like to workout, what would be the best time for this task. Calendar would
sift through the busy schedules and would suggest the best time for the user.

Google Calendar’s goal feature would use artificial intelligence, so it will
get better at scheduling the more often its used according to the Google.

Google’s spokesperson Brooks Hocog said that “With this launch, Google is
bringing machine intelligence to our calendar app to help users make the most
of their time,”.
Hocog also said to the media that “Goals will find time for you and block it
off,You’ll also get reminder notifications.”

Hocog further explained saying “Google learns your schedule based on your
confirmation and deferment patterns, and will stick around to motivate you to
achieve your goals,”
Users who are always in hurry or have pressures in life with their schedules
would like to try out this feature of goals in Calendar. Users who are already
using google Calendar apps would sure try this feature.
Google’s Rep: Hocog said The purpose of Goals “is to help you spend more time
on the things you care about, and so far we see compelling evidence that
scheduling time on your calendar is the best way to do that,And we want to
make this as easy for the user as possible.”