In turmoil for several days and in the throes of bipolar crises, Kanye West decided to go to a hospital on his own, in order to be examined. What reassure his wife Kim Kardashian, to whom he apologized publicly.

Kanye West is now focusing on his health. After several days of chaining confused and accusatory tweets against his family, the rapper visited a hospital in Wyoming, near his ranch in Cody, where he now spends most of his time. A first step towards recovery for the husband of Kim Kardashian , who would have decided to take charge and seek treatment. “Kanye has been going through a lot of anxiety lately ,  a source tells Us Weekly . “He was surrounded by a lot of people and started to feel really overwhelmed” , adds this relative, who specifies that it is Kanye West himself who went, on his own initiative, to the“to be examined” .

“Upon his arrival, Kanye decided that he preferred to be examined at home,” the source told US Weekly , in particular so that this examination is done in the greatest discretion. An ambulance then followed him to his home where he “was treated and his doctor said his vital signs were normal . ” “He feels a lot better,” the source concludes. It would therefore seem that the artist has decided to get help, he who for several days has castigated the Kardashian family , including his wife Kim , whom he refuses to see and whose calls he ignores .

Kanye West publicly apologizes to Kim

However, if she agreed to divorce Kanye West , the reality star has, however, issued a condition , since she “thinks that she is the only one who can” save “her husband” , reported a source. “She will not separate from him as long as he is at its lowest. She owes their children to stay by his side until he receives help,” said a relative. After speaking out for the first time about Kanye West’s bipolar disorder, he finally apologized to his wife for “making public something that was a private matter”, including his desire to have an abortion of their daughter North.“I didn’t cover her back like she did mine. To Kim, I mean I know I hurt you. Please forgive me. Thank you for always being there for me. “ , he tweeted.