You naively believe that by removing a message on WhatsApp, you erase all traces of it? You are wrong: a simple trick allows your interlocutor or a person a little too curious to trace the messages exchanged. In which case can we recover messages already deleted?

Since its deployment, the ability to delete messages already sent on WhatsApp has been much in the news. The instant messaging application allows you to delete a message within 7 minutes after sending it, if you and your contact are equipped with the latest update. By being a little clever, and especially by making believe your smartphone that you are back in time, it is possible to bypass the limitation imposed by WhatsApp. Some users have even managed to erase messages that are a week old!

WhatsApp: it is possible to replay deleted messages!

we have already discovered above, it is possible to replay messages already deleted by your interlocutor. As explained, Android actually stores each message sent in its notification history. It is actually a long list of codes, in which we can find a preview of an erased message. For easy access, it is advisable to install the Notification History application, available on the Google Play Store.

Then you just scroller and locate the message, which is located in the line of code “Android.text”. Be careful, if your smartphone has been restarted between the moment you received, or sent the message, and the one where you want to read it again, this trick will not work. The notification history is reset to zero at each restart.

This trick only works under certain conditions. First, you need to have Android 6.0 or later. The recipient of your message must also have read the message sent within 7 minutes before it is deleted. If he has not had time to read it, you will not be able to access it. Likewise, if you have not read the message for the first time, you will not be able to access it once your contact has erased it. It is necessary that a notification of the message had the opportunity to appear to keep a trace of it.

As you will discover, it is impossible to recover the entirety of a deleted message. The trick, however, only allows you to read the first 100 characters of the message. What is most worrying about the privacy of your deleted messages is that third-party applications can easily access your notification history. You’ll understand: all the history of your smartphone, including erased notifications, are in fact easily accessible for a third-party application. This is a huge security breach. No doubt that WhatsApp will fix that in the next update.