Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s sensual performance will be remembered for a long time. Everyone who watched the video (on the singer’s Youtube channel at the video clip already had more than 15 million views) had goose bumps exactly on the body. But, despite all the numerous posts and tweets claiming that such a romantic number could only happen if the participants were really in love with each other, Gaga and Cooper denied their relationship. As they say, nothing personal, just show business.

According to the singer, if two professional musicians “seduce” each other at the piano, and this means that they are in love, then she already has an affair with Tony Bennett for a long time. Recall that the famous musician and Lady Gaga released a joint album in 2014, after which they repeatedly performed concerts together.

“People have seen love, and guess what? That’s what we wanted to show you, ”said Lady Gaga in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel about her touching duet with Bradley Cooper. “I am an artist, so I think we did a great job with our work. We fooled everyone, ”the singer added.

This year, Lady Gaga, thanks to Cooper’s directorial debut, “The Star was Born,” became the first Oscar nominee for the first time, and in two categories at once — Best Actress and Best Song. If Olivia Coleman bypassed her in the main nomination, then Shallow simply had no competitors, and Gaga deserved the golden statuette.