33-year-old Keira Knightley shows austerity not only in raising her three-year-old daughter, but also in the approach to filming. In a recent interview for The Times magazine, the actress said that after giving birth to a child, she decided to completely eliminate exposure on the screen from her life and herself to control the selection process for the stand-ins.

“I used to feel comfortable, undressing in front of the camera. But now I have a daughter, I’m in my thirties. Although I am happy with my body, I no longer feel confident that I am ready to strip, ”Knightley said. The star was shot topless for Interview magazine, in the film “Duchess” and other projects, but it never participated in scenes that, in her words, “went too far”. Now in her contract is prescribed a clause indicating which parts of the body of the actress can and cannot be shown on the screen.