On Friday, Jennifer Aniston returned to her old trampling ground on The Ellen DeGeneres Lounge and gave fellow fans the surprise of their lives. Filling in as guest host for Ellen Degeneres , the SAG award winner visited the show’s Central Perk cafe located on the Warner Brothers Studio Lot in Los Angeles, where the beloved 90s sitcom filmed for her 10 years.

Squatting behind the iconic orange sofa, Jennifer waited for unsuspecting fans to have their photos taken. When the time was right, she went out and photographed their souvenir photo. They announced their favorite character buddies , The Morning Show star scolded in joking fans who did not name his character Rachel Green.

She even came equipped with a few accessories. In one photo, Jennifer channeled Rachel when she started serving as a waitress and poured amazed fans a cup of coffee for the photo.

Feeling at home on the set, Jen had the best response to a fan who asked if the show really filmed on the lot. “I live here, so …”

As if their day couldn’t be better, fans who met Jen during the segment were invited to attend the show. After playing the clip, Jennifer greeted the excited audience members and said, “Now that you are here, you can watch your third favorite A friend .”

Jen’s visit to the set was not the only nostalgia for buddies fans got during her guest host concert. By interviewing her friend Selena Gomez , the singer of “Look At Her Now” could not help spurting on Jen and the series.

Speaking to fans who haven’t declared Rachel their favorite, Selena said, “First of all, are you kidding? Rachel was my life.”

“But you know what?” she asked Jen. “You know what makes me so happy? Would I watch channel 33 at 10:30 am every Thursday evening with my mom and I cried when the whole season was over.”

She continued, “But what made me so happy is that now people my age and everyone are just obsessed and it makes me so happy, like you and the show because it’s emblematic. “

After professing her love for Jen and pals , Selena recounted the first time that she met the horrible Star Bosses .

“No one knew who I was and you were in the bathroom wearing a black dress,” she recalls. “I think we were at something like, Vanity Fair event and I was there with my mom and I walked into the bathroom. And I saw you and you were, like, so nice … my heart, like , stopped and I panicked and ran to my mom and I thought, “Oh my god. I just saw Jennifer Aniston

Changing gear, the Dumplin star served another famous friend: Ellen. And, she even shared some dirt on the Greatest Night of Giveaways host.

“I’m telling you some dark and deep secrets, okay, guys?” she began. “Like, for example, people think she buys and sells houses because she likes real estate. No, that’s not true. It’s because she’s on the run. From the law. You have no idea. “

After revealing Ellen’s real nickname and mercilessly throwing lucky coins, Jen concluded with a really shocking bombshell: “Oh, and one more. She once voiced a movie animation for adults called Crushing by Nemo . It’s hard to find, but you know how to find it… “