Will creator Sam Barlow reiterate the Her Story feat with #WarGames? To find out, you can launch its new interactive experience now, for free.

Sam Barlow is back. After the very nice video game / interactive movie Her Story, here comes today #WarGames. Based on the 1983 film of the same name, it is once again an interactive experience that blurs more and more the border between the mediums.

An interactive experience and hacking

Produced by the platform Eko, which proposes interactive works whose content evolves according to the actions of the spectators, #WarGames allows the player to follow a story (via 6 episodes ranging from 10 to 24 minutes, in English subtitled in English) through the cameras of smartphones and webcams of its protagonists.

The promise is as follows: according to the elements watched by the “player”, the main character of Kelly will evolve in this or that way. The latter is part of a group of hackers who will go from simple jokers to international celebrities after an attack on the power in place.

Play #WarGames

To “play” at #Wargames, several solutions are proposed. Free on the official website or the iOS application of Eko, on Vudu after viewing an advertisement or against less than 3 euros on Steam.