Jennifer Lopez shares a vlog on YouTube in which she shows how she is preparing for her new tour, but viewers only pay attention to one thing: The singer’s daughter. It turns out that Emme has a golden throat, just like her mother.

“She should actually come on stage during the tour”

The video shows how Jennifer Lopez is rehearsing for her new show It’s My Party: The Live Celebration. At a certain moment her daughter comes to a singing rehearsal and her mother puts her in front of her. “Sing that Alicia Keys song”, Jennifer tells Emme. The young girl seems to doubt for a moment, but then goes for it. And then it appears that Emme inherited the golden throat from her mother and father Marc Anthony. 

A somewhat emotional Jennifer gives her daughter a hug afterwards and the rest claps exuberantly. “She should actually be on stage during the tour,” says the singer. “Would you like that?” Emme seems a bit upset and shrugs, but does not really respond to the question. So the question is whether the eleven-year-old will appear next to her mother.

Emme can be seen from about the fourth minute of the video.