Next week in London will open the international exhibition of flowers Chelsea Flower Show, one of the participants of which this year is the Duchess of Cambridge.

Every year in May, London flourishes in a literal sense – and not only due to magnolias, cherries and wisteria growing everywhere. At the end of the month, the Chelsea Flower Show flower festival is held there with the support of the Royal Gardening, and this year it is no longer possible to buy tickets for it – every single one, according to the British HELLO !, bought up. Why? “The effect of Kate” in action. The festival will be presented and the garden on the project of Kate Middleton – RHS Back To Nature Garden, the opening of which will take place next week, and the Duchess, of course, will come to him. Today, in the official Twitter account of Kensington Palace, new photos have appeared with Kate’s participation, which show her joint work on garden design with well-known landscape designers Andre Davis and Adam White.

Over the past few months, the Duchess and landscape designers have visited greenhouses, met with suppliers, specialists who grew and built elements for the future garden, says the photo caption.

Recall that the creation of the garden Kate Middleton inspired her own memories from childhood. According to her idea, a tree house will be built on its territory, artificial waterfalls and small rivers will be made. In 2002, Prince Charles took part in the Chelsea Flower Show, a well-known lover of gardening and gardening in the royal family. He presented a garden dedicated to the memory of his grandmother, Queen Mother Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.