Great news for fans of “Castle” series and personally Nathan Fillion, who after the “Castle” nearly two years did not have its own project: ABC aired the first teaser of the new series, in which Fillion will play a major role. The project called “Rookie” will again show the investigation of crimes, although Fillion himself is now assigned the role of an elderly policeman, and instead of a drama, as in “Castle”, the genre will be comic.

The success of the new series, it seems, ABC channel completely sure – the complete first season of “newcomers” booked back in October of last year, and, most likely, the coming autumn Nathan Fillion, we can regularly seen in the air. In the meantime, see the first official teaser:

Here is how the official description of the plot sounds:

“Starting with a clean slate is always difficult, especially for a native of the small town of John Nolan, who, after an incident that turned his life around, decided to implement a long-standing dream and join the police of Los Angeles. The oldest beginner in the history of the police department of Los Angeles is met with understandable skepticism, and the leadership believes that the newcomer is a walking middle-aged crisis. However, life experience, perseverance and sense of humor give John such an advantage that he can quite succeed in this new chapter of his life. “