64-year-old Tina Knowles Lawson, mother of the singer Beyonce, gave an interview to the presenter Maria Shriver about her methods of education and stellar illness of her daughter
As a child, Tina Knowles believes that her mother loved her brother more than her, so in the education of her two daughters she took into account all the grievances and tried to give enough attention to both of them. “I had days that I spent with each of them separately. On Wednesdays I left work, and it was Solange’s day. She was younger than Beyonce, and it was difficult, because Bee was five years older, and also a small superstar in our city, “Tina said. As a child, her daughters did not get along. Beyoncé was going crazy with the increased attention of her younger sister, because of which her mother had to take her children to a psychotherapist. Did it help? “I assigned them to a consultation at an early age so that the psychologist could help Beyoncé be more lenient towards Solange,” Knowles Lawson explained. “She could not stand a moment with her. You know, they were young, Solange always wanted to be with Bee, tried to communicate with her friends, and Beyoncé was incredibly annoyed, she put herself above her sister. I spent a lot of time to ensure that my girls realized that there are other people that need to be taken care of. I think it’s really important. ” It seems that the sessions of psychotherapy did not really help Beyoncé, because in her interviews she often calls her musical talent “the gift of God.” “I have a genuine gift given to me by God, which separates me from everyone else”; “I was lucky to achieve what the young generation of queens dreams about. I do not pretend to be a foreign throne. I have enough of that throne that I occupy the last 15 years “; “I know that I’m influential, I’m even more influential than my brain can realize,” Beyonce usually talks about herself.

There is also a story by Beyonce, in which she told about the struggle of the mother with her stellar illness. “I remember that after our first single on the radio, I had a little bit of a roof,” recalls the singer. – I felt so megapopular, so “hot.” Once we came with my mother to a store with CDs, and I started to sing there. I just did not want to hear what my mother told me. And in the dynamics sounded my song, and I sang. People began to look back: “This is Beyonce!” And here my mother struck me with a slap in such a slap that I actually saw the “stars” around my head, “Beyonce once admitted. To his “king” Beyonce also relates with jealousy. On the air of the television program Uncensored American actress Tiffany Heddish told how she witnessed a scene of jealousy Beyonce and Jay-zee. According to the actress, at one of the parties to the husband of the singer approached a Hollywood star and in a conversation with him lightly touched the chest of Jay-Z. “Beyonce’s reaction was swift. She immediately approached and all her behavior seemed to say: “Take your hands off my man’s chest!” Then she began to talk with the actress, and something else happened. But for now I will not say anything else, “Haddish intrigued. Tiffany decided not to tell the details and the name of the actress, to whom jealous Beyoncé, did not say. “I have no right to say what happened at the party,” she added.