The Spice Girls reunion, where she did not participate, has earned her more than $ 1 million.

Despite her refusal to reappear with her former teammates Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham will pocket a juicy amount of money for the concerts they offered.

The businesswoman and designer will receive a million dollars for the concerts that her colleagues and partners offered last summer, in the expected reunion of this famous girl band from the 90’s.

The reason why Victoria will also have income even though she has not agreed to sing with her colleagues in any of her presentations, is because she is part of the firm Spice Girls Limited, so she is entitled to a fifth of the profits obtained by the marketing, sponsorships and license agreements obtained for the 13 concerts offered.

Victoria only engages in initiatives where Spice Girls engage in activism related to promoting ‘girl power’ in the new generation of girls, just as it did at the time when the band emerged more than 20 years ago. years.