The wife of a football player hinted that she had already decided on the future of the 14-year-old Cruise.

Victoria Beckham just can not accept how quickly time flies. After all, her youngest son turned 14 years old! The whole family congratulated Cruise. “I can not believe you are already 14! Happy birthday! ”- such a congratulation to her son she wrote on the web. And she gave the birthday boy an unusual, custom-made cake – in the shape of a guitar. Hinting. in such a way that she is serious about her son’s passion for music.    

The year before last, Cruise discovered a vocal talent from Cruz . Then the parents posted a video on the Network in which he performs Hopefull R & B-style composition. Those who watched this recording were amazed at how well the boy had his voice and what a rare sense of rhythm he had. A well-known TV host and producer Simon Coles said then, after listening to Cruise, that he was ready to sign a contract with him right tomorrow. And other experts predicted the boy that he would still eclipse Justin Bieber ! However, Victoria, who, of course, was very proud that her son was recognized as so talented, firmly stated: first, Cruz needed to finish school, and then it would be possible to start a singer’s career. And clarified that the manager of the son will most likely be herself.