The whole world knows the eccentric husband Kate Winslet under the name Ned Rockroll, which the businessman took on such a pseudonym in 2008. But recently, with the actress son Bearu, she was five years old, and Ned decided that it was time to become more serious and return his passport details so that the boy would not be ashamed of the funny name of his father.

About this edition of The Sun said an insider from the entourage of a stellar family. According to him, now Ned asks to call himself the name given from birth – Edward Abel Smith. In official documents, he too will henceforth subscribe in exactly this way. 

Ned Rockroll has always been a funny name. After all, he himself is a very happy person and treats everything in life easily and lightly. But sometimes life changes. Now Ned is a dad and he feels responsible for his actions. He, like Kate, believes that his pseudonym can embarrass their child when he becomes older. So now no Rockroll is just Smith. 

Whether the 5-year-old Bear will now also bear the father’s last name is unknown. While the boy, unlike the older children of Kate, is only the name of the actress. 

I’m still in my mind to call my son Rocknroll! In fact, all my children carry my surname – this is not even discussed. Mia and Joe have two last names — mine and their fathers. So that my child does not carry my most beautiful, so cool and elegant surname, which I am proud of? It is simply impossible.Moreover, in my family my brother and sisters still have no children, and I am the only one who can afford to pass on the name to other generations,

previously explained to Kate.