That Kanye West (43) wants to make a bid for the presidency this year is not something that his immediate family is looking forward to. His wife Kim Kardashian (39) is ‘concerned’ about his behavior, according to ‘People’. The rapper slash sneaker magnate suffers from bipolar disorder.

“At the moment he is struggling with it again”

A source says that the rapper went well for a long time. “In the past, he has had both manic and depressive episodes because of his bipolar disorder. He is currently struggling with it again.” It would worry Kim, the source said. “It’s super stressful for Kim because his behavior is unpredictable.”

The manic and depressive periods usually last a few weeks, after which he returns to his ‘normal self’. “Kim hopes it will be the same this time.”

In an interview with Forbes, which the rapper took four hours to complete, Kanye says he wants to call his party the ‘Birthday Party’ and that his slogan ‘YES!’ is. “If we win, it’s everyone’s birthday.” It has mixed reactions in the country, but the rapper insists that despite his mental health, he is ‘not crazy’.