Jessica Simpson can fly the flag. The reality star not only celebrates that she turned 40 today, but also that she fits in her old jeans again after she has lost about 45 kilos.

“I left these old jeans in my closet for fourteen years”

Jessica Simpson shares a photo of her wearing her old jeans. The last time she wore these pants was when she was 26. “I left these old jeans in my closet for fourteen years. Without exaggeration!’

Last year, Jessica lost 45 pounds in six months. Her secret? Lots of walking. Of course she once sang  These boots are made for walking  and she knew that. In the beginning, she kept to a strict diet and took 6,000 steps a day, but soon became 14,000.

Her diet consisted of three meals a day with two snacks. These were, for example, a handful of almonds or green beans with a little parmesan. And once in a while she was allowed to cheat a meal, because according to her trainer, otherwise it cannot be sustained.

“I am so proud that I feel myself again. Even when it felt impossible, I chose to go the extra mile, ‘she wrote on Instagram last September.