The box office is not up to the hopes of the studio.

Justice League has a difficult start at the global box office, with $ 94 million generated on US soil for its weekend release, the worst start for a DC Extended Universe movie. Forbes magazine has made small calculations and understands that the feature film could lose tens of millions of dollars to the studio.

The consultant Rob Cain, who has been working in the industry for 20 years, estimates that the Justice League could ultimately bring in $ 635 million worth of film exploitation. By removing commissions from intermediaries (including movie theaters), Cain arrives at $ 275 million for Warner. The film cost $ 300 million and at least 150 more for marketing (not counting reshoots at $ 25 million), so even taking into account revenues from VOD, DVDs and TV rights, he believes the studio will lose in the case between 50 and 100 million dollars.

It will be necessary that the solo films Wonder Woman 2 , Flashpoint and Aquaman report a lot so that a Justice League 2 can possibly see the day.

Justice League is currently in theaters. Trailer :