Interviews with John Landis, always rich in anecdotes, are a treat for hungry moviegoers.And the last is no exception to the rule.

The Werewolf of London remains a classic (one of the few) of the werewolf film and one of the peaks of the career of John Landis. We have long wondered if the director would reward us with a sequel. Disappointment, therefore, since we will only have been entitled many years later to the  Werewolf of Paris, that decency encourages to forget.

Suddenly, when  John Landis reveals to Digital Spy what would have been the wake of the Werewolf in London, we scream for joy under the moon.

An investigation that had to take a rather crazy turn to believe Landis.

“She chases Dr. Hirsch, who tells him that Alex is now living in Paris, traumatized by what happened. She finds the hostel Slaughtered Lamb, and everyone is waiting for it: It seems to me that the only changes were a portrait of Charles and Diana, and some arcade games.

It’s when she talks to Sergeant McMagnus, the cop of the first film, who is not dead, that she realizes that Jenny is still in London. She calls him and leaves him a message, which we discover afterwards that he is listened to by the skeletons of Jack and David, sitting in front of the TV, in Alex’s apartment.

The final revelation is that Alex was the werewolf. It was pretty crazy. The script gathered all the characters from the first movie, including the dead. “

However, Michael Kuhn, then director of Polygram, was not particularly receptive to the script.

“He was rather insulting about it. “

We only have to dream about this sequel to the  Werewolf in London.