Pregnant, Briana Williams passed her exams at Harvard and managed to complete her schooling.

Harvard is often considered one of the toughest universities in the world. Very selective, it requires a strong personal commitment. There is currently Malia Obama and Nathalie Portmanalso studied. Less known, the young Briana Williams has a lot of merit.

Work during the law

At 24, she has just managed to validate her schooling. She graduated while waiting for a child. That’s what our colleagues from 20 Minutes tell us who got their hands on an incredible anecdote. As she was taking her final exam in April 2017, she began to feel the first contractions . Determined to finish her exam, she asked for an epidural and finished the test. She was crying, but she was successful.

While she finally finished with her schooling, the young woman tells this real journey of the fighter in a post on Instagram. After the birth, she had to go to school with her daughter. Now, she got a job at a major law firm in Los Angeles. His goal now? Help those who are struggling to access high-level education.

Above all, Briana Williams considers this birth as a chance. It gave him motivation.

 Evelyn, they said that because of you, I could not do it. Know that I have succeeded GRACE TO YOU. Thank you for giving me the strength and courage that made me invincible.

A beautiful message of hope!