The son of a wealthy jeweler is accused of hiring a hired assassin to kill his father in Texas. He and his girlfriend would have ordered the crime to touch the inheritance.

Theodore Shaughnessy, a wealthy 55-year-old jeweler , was shot dead at his home in Austin , Texas , United States . The facts took place on the night of Thursday 1 March to Friday 2 March 2018. He slept quietly in his bed, with his wife, when a masked individual broke into his home with a firearm. He then killed him to the end yet.

Suspicions immediately fell on the victim’s son. Indeed, in the months leading up to the shooting, Nicolas Shaughnessy, 19, contacted several people to hire them to kill his father in exchange for a payment.

He and his girlfriend wanted to touch the inheritance

Thus, after investigating, the police discovered that the young man and his girlfriend, Jaclyn Edison, had ordered the crime to touch the inheritance . This one would be estimated at eight million dollars.

The couple was arrested Tuesday, May 29, 2018 . Authorities say they found ammunition in the house of the accused. They correspond to the casings found at the scene of the crime.

The bond of Nicolas was fixed at three million dollars, that of Jaclyn at one million dollars. However, the hitman has still not been captured.