The US Bureau of Industry and Security has published a document according to which Huawei is allowed to maintain existing US networks and equipment, as well as update software.

A temporary license for Huawei will be valid from May 20 to August 19. 

The Chinese company Huawei, which the CIA suspects of receiving funding from the PRC intelligence services, has been issued a temporary license to operate in the United States. It is reported by the US Bureau of Industry and Security.

Huawei and 68 companies controlled by it from different countries issued a temporary license, which will be valid for 91 days – from May 20 to August 19.

The approval document allows the Chinese company to maintain existing networks and equipment, as well as update the software.

On January 28, Acting US Attorney General Matthew Whitaker charged Huawei with actions that threaten US national security. According to Whitaker,  we are talking about 10 federal crimes related to the abduction in 2012 of information about a robot that was used to test mobile phones. In addition, Huawei was further accused of 13 crimes that may be involved in the financial director of the company Meng Wangzhou, a branch in Iran and a subsidiary in the United States. Huawei denied possible involvement in the crimes  accused by the US authorities .

Meng Wangzhou was  detained on December 1, 2018  in Canada. On December 11, she was  released on bail  of 10 million Canadian dollars ($ 7.5 million).

On February 21, 2019, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that  Washington was refusing to cooperate with countries that use the systems of the Chinese company Huawei Technologies.

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. – one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. Founded in 1987. Produces equipment for wireless networks, network devices, hardware, terminals, smartphones and tablets.