ROYAL FAMILY – A return to nature. While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave birth to a baby boy , his cousins ​​showed up with their parents. They inaugurated this Monday, May 20 a garden located in London, in the district of Chelsea.

Prince William and Kate Middleton took the opportunity to take pictures with their children Louis, Charlotte and George.

The little ones even participated in their own way in the construction of this garden. Kensington Palace states that “in recent months, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have helped the Duchess to collect moss, leaves, twigs to decorate the gardens. The hazel branches collected by the family were also used to make a hut! “

This green space was designed by the Duchess and rewarded Andrée Davies and Adeam White. This piece of land is made for families and communities and for them to go out and communicate with nature. The royal family then received some schoolchildren from the neighborhood in this new garden.