YouTube is full of reaction videos and videos in which fans imitate their biggest idols, but some are a lot better than others. The Nigerian girls of Dream Catchers Academy have done an unparalleled imitation of the song ‘Rain On Me’ by Lady Gaga (34) and Ariana Grande (27).

“What a dedication”

“If Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande had recorded the video clip for ‘Rain On Me’ in Nigeria,” the young dancers added to their imitation video. The girls of the Dream Catchers Academy have been very enterprising and have recreated the original video clip of the singers as best they can. They hope that Gaga and Ariana see the video and it goes viral. 

The impressive video generated a lot of reactions from the fans of Gaga and Ariana. “If this doesn’t motivate you to go for your dreams and leave everything in your way, I don’t remember either,” it sounds. “Do you still need dancers?” asks one of the singers. “What a dedication,” says another of the counterfeit video clip.