NASA has postponed the launch of the new American “Rover” Rover to Mars from July 22 to July 30.

She said the reason for the delay was due to problems that arose during the test of the missile after its assembly and refueling.

A spokesman for NASA said, “The reading of the oxygen sensors differed from what was required. Experts need additional time to clarify the reason for this.”

It is reported that NASA first intended to send the Rover to the Red Planet on July 17, then its launch date was postponed to July 20, then to July 22.

The rover is expected to land in February 2021, in the equatorial region of Mars, near the Ziero Crater.

And NASA experts previously announced that if the agency was unable to launch the Rover this summer before August 15th, it would have to postpone its launch until the autumn of 2022, knowing that Mars is approaching Earth to a distance of 56 million km, which is the shortest distance between Earth and Mars, once every Two years.

It is worth noting that “Precision” is a technical version of Rover “Curiosity”, which made its production much cheaper. But its purpose differs from that of its predecessor, and it is not limited to searching for traces of fresh water. Rather, it is limited to searching for possible impacts of life on Mars.

The new roof will collect samples from Mars rocks and put them in a special container that will be transported to the ground by the European-American Joint Mission in 2026.