Members of the Qanon conspiracy movement believe that March 4 will see Donald Trump invested as President of the United States for a second term.
Capitol Security Police said on Wednesday they were ready to respond to “all threats” by alerting to the “possible plan of a militia” to attack Thursday the seat of the US Congress, the target of a deadly assault by pro-Trump protesters on January 6.

Members of the QAnon conspiracy movement believe that March 4 will see Donald Trump invested as president of the United States for a second term.

“We have obtained information which shows a possible plan of a militia identified to force the entry of the Capitol on March 4,” the police wrote in a statement, affirming to be “informed and prepared for any potential threats”.

“We take this information seriously,” she said. “Given the sensitive nature of this information, we cannot elaborate further at this stage.”

Capitol Police say they have “already made a significant increase in security” since January 6, when hundreds of Donald Trump supporters stormed the seat of Congress while parliamentarians certified Democrat Joe Biden’s victory.”Our department is working with our local, state and federal partners to counter any threat to the Capitol,” she continues.

On Tuesday evening, the Capitol police had simply indicated that they were “warned of disturbing information and intelligence relating to March 4”.

“The real day of the investiture”, according to some

The head of protocol and security services in Congress, Timothy Blodgett (“Acting Sergent at Arms”) sent a message to congressmen on Monday informing them that he was working closely with the police to monitor the information “linked to March 4 and the possible demonstrations surrounding what some call ‘the real day of the investiture'”.”The importance of this date has apparently diminished among different groups in recent days,” he stressed, however, in an email published by American media.

Until 1933, the American presidents were invested on March 4, and not on January 20 as is now the tradition.