John Mayer (43) has had a hard time in recent days. The singer created an account on TikTok at the beginning of this week, but fans of Taylor Swift (31) were absolutely not happy with his arrival. Something they also clearly let Mayer know …

Taylor Swift and John Mayer formed a couple for several months in 2009, but the two split up fairly quickly. The singer also drew inspiration from their break at the time, because after their split she released the song ‘Dear John’. Mayer himself was not at all happy with the song and he later admitted this openly in an interview with Rolling Stone. “It was a sad move for her to abuse her talent,” it said at the time. And also in the years that followed, Mayer did not spare his ex. For example, in 2005 he made a joke about Taylor during ‘The Late Late Show’. “You can see me doing something that I’m really good at. Being ignored by Taylor Swift. ”

Fans of the singer would rather not see John Mayer come and they showed him that clearly when he shared his first video on TikTok last Monday. In the video, he laughs and asks how to turn the camera on his phone. Swifties, however, were not amused and as a result made it clear that he is not welcome on the platform. “We will never forget what you did to Taylor” and “You’re not safe here, John” are just a few of the many responses. The latter has already received 30,000 likes from other Taylor Swift fans.

Mayer himself clearly did not let the reactions get to his heart. He did not respond to the many comments and shared two more videos during the day. He immediately promised to his viewers that he would be back at the post the next day.