Uber’s Self Driving Cars Program is not going as smoothly as it was hoped to be. Recode.net obtained
some documents regarding the Uber’s Self Driving group provide the first look on the progress of Self
Driving program in Pennsylvania, Arizona and California.

Initialy: Uber’s Self driving or robot cars slowly but steadily increasing the autonomous driven
number of miles. But stats on rider experience showing the little progress based on how many times
drivers took over and smooth the ride was.

Uber breaks the data of test rides into different data streams like: how many miles car took before it
was taken by human for any reason which they calls “miles per intervention”, how many miles it goes
“critical: driver takeover in order to avoid damage or accident and how many miles the car goes before
a “bad Experience”.
Uber’s self driving group is not doing good in miles per intervention measures. In the month of Jan.
Uber’s autonmous vehicle drove 0.9 miles before the driver intervention. By the monthof February this
number went upward by just an inch up to one full mile but again it dropped to .71 miles.

On the other hand when we see the stats provided by recoded.net we see that measures of critical
intervention the stats are trending upward. In the begining of February the Self driven vehicle could
go to 125 miles without critical intervention, but in the following week the stats of this also went
down to 50 miles, and during the 3rd week in February the stats of critical intervention ride went
back up to 160 miles before going down to 115 miles again. At the last measure which was taken during
the first week of March 8 it was up to 196 miles.

In the third category by measure of “bad Experience” such as hard stops and some jerky driving the
self driven vehicle group was worse. In the month of Jan. Uber’s self driving cars hit only the 4.5
milestone befoer a bad experience, but during the next month this dropped to only 2 miles.

According to Recode.net the Uber’s autonomous vehicles are not making good figures but the thing to remember is that the vehicles are still figuring out routes and learning.