SamSung Galaxy new models going set to be launched with company’s next major debut on 29th March. Previously Samsung recalled its set back model Galaxy Note 7 due to battery exploding problems. The New upcoming models are expected to called S8 and S8+.
The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are going to hit the market shelves in mid April. The launching date would probably give Samsung several month edge and lead time over the new launch of Apple’s Iphone.
This year in 2017 the launch of Samsung is going to be a rebound from the previous set back released of Galaxy Note 7. The Company’s standing on the Harris Poll’s reputation was dropped from seventh to 49th in just one due the recall of Galaxy Note 7. Samsung has taken step the safety of the phone and is going to bring the new S8 and S8+ with new stunning features particulary in the camparison of iPhone.

All though Samsung has released any report on Galaxy S8 and S8+ but there are plenty of reports circling on he net regarding the features and of new phones.

Here are some Features of Galsxy S8 and S8+.

Screen Front:
There are expectations  that Galaxy S8 and S8+ would be equipped with “infinity Screen” means screen which takes all the front area of the phone. There won’t be any home button on the front as per BGR Blog.
According to BGR the home button has been replaced by a control strip sensitive to touch. Both the models have curvey screen at the edges, a design which already has been in the market as Samsung’s Edge phones.

Fingerprint Scanner:
No physical home button at the front fingerprint scanner placed to the rear of the phone. There were some speculation that the Samsung is going ot place the scanner on the screen but according to leaked videos on BGR show that the scanner has been place on the rear of the phone.

Here is a leaked video of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ and some review about it sourced from SuperSaf TV

Desktop Feature:
The Samsung Galaxy S8 series is going to be phone series that could be connected to monitor and be used more likely as PC. According to a report published on “All About Windows Phone” users would be able to use the phone as computer just like the way Microsoft “Continuum” feature that give user to use the phone as computer environment.

Personal Assistant:
Last year Viv the company who was behind the Apple’s Siri assistant was bought by the Samsung. So there are lot of expectation that the new Galaxy S8 Series is going ot be equipped with new personal assistant.
The confirmation of the new assistant named “Bixby” appear to have been confirmed by the company Samsung itself in an prviacy policy published in Italian language which mentioned the name.

Jack for Headphone:
Although it seems fun to quote that it Galaxy S8 would have the basic headphone jack. But it important to mention as Apple faced lots of criticism over the decision on removing it from iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Some pictures of Samsung Galaxy G8 Series Sourced from BGR Blog