Tyrese Gibson claims that he has lost a lot of income because of the accusations of his ex-wife Norma Mitchell about domestic violence. 


The actor is of the opinion that his career has gotten dumped and he earns 75 percent less than he did before. This is what The Blast reports Tuesday.

Documents that the medium has received, state that Gibson previously earned some 160,000 euros per month and now only 51,000 euros. That money comes mainly from royalties and personal performances. Finding work in the film industry has been made impossible by his ex, as the papers say.


Gibson had to start his savings to pay his monthly expenses, including 8500 euros in maintenance. The actor says he has ‘only’ 110,000 euros on the bank after he has spent more than 180,000 euros on legal costs “to fight the false accusations.”

Actor does not want to pay for costs

The actor does everything he can to avoid having to pay for the costs of Norma’s lawyer. A judge must still make a statement about this.

Gibson and Mitchell were married in 2007, but broke up in 2009 after a big argument. The two are currently fighting for the custody of their eleven-year-old daughter Shayla, because Gibson wants to take her to his home town of Atlanta. Furthermore, the actor has a new wife, Samantha, with whom he expects their first child in September.