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Samsung announces the upcoming presentation of the folding Galaxy X


A foldable smartphone eagerly awaited by aficionados of new technology that could be presented next year.

The collapsible smartphone, rumor among the rumors among builders, is gradually approaching. Currently, the battle takes place between two middle giants: Huawei and Samsung. In the case of the second, the Galaxy X should be foldable and could come into being next year. It was during an interview that the famous DJ Koh, head of the mobile division of the Korean firm, returned to this phone like no other. A phone that could well launch a new standard among manufacturers in the middle … Remains whether Apple, Samsung’s rival, will follow or not!

A Galaxy X whose output is getting closer

The release of the Samsung Galaxy X is gradually approaching and it is none other than DJ Koh who says it. An illustrious man in charge of Samsung’s mobile division who would focus on “the development of innovations that will be adopted and appreciated by users”. As explained earlier, the Korean firm is giving itself the hard task of making its fans agree that the next standard could be the foldable smartphone. DJ Koh even took the opportunity to say that the Galaxy X would soon be unveiled – without being more precise – and that corrections are taking place at the level of development of this new product. The price should be high: it is not surprising when we know that some models easily reach 4 figures in recent years.

It remains to be seen which company, between Samsung and Huawei, will offer the first folding smartphone more efficient. To release such a model in haste without offering the best possible rendering could be fatal. A case to follow in the coming months.