Tyler Perry is expected to pay the funeral for eight-year-old Secoriea Turner , who was shot dead near the Rayshard Brooks memorial site on Saturday. The police

Tuesday released a short video of a gunman they described as someone interested in the girl’s shooting. Atlanta Police Lieutenant Pete Malecki said the video came from a surveillance camera near the location where Turner was shot while driving in the back seat of an SUV.

“I am outraged today because I prefer to pay eight-year-old Secoriea Turner college for her funeral,” Perry said in a statement to People , adding, “When does it end?”

“And when we kill ourselves, including our innocent children, I am outraged,” said Perry. “No matter the wrong color, the wrong is the wrong.

“Who said outrage should choose sides?” Perry said on the way out. “When so many blacks like George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks were killed, I was shocked and did what I could to help their families. I was shocked and did what I could to help him and his family. “

The movie mogul had previously paid for medical expenses for Matt Cooper, the officer who attempted to arrest a shoplifter at a Walmart in Georgia in September 2018 when he was shot in the head.

Perry also covered the cost of the funeral for Brooks, who was killed in a fight with Atlanta police in front of a fast food restaurant and shot twice in the back. He also plans to cover school fees for Brooks’ children for college.

Turner was driving his mother and another adult Saturday night near a Wendy’s that was burned after Brooks was shot and killed by a white policeman in the restaurant parking lot last month.

When the SUV Turner attempted to enter a parking lot, they were confronted with “a group of armed individuals” blocking the entrance, police said.

The girl’s mother, Charmaine Turner, said shots were fired and her eight-year-old daughter was hit before she could turn around.

A video released Tuesday shows a man in a white shirt and dark pants carrying an AR-15 rifle with a tanned stock and handle.

“I will ask, I will plead, the public’s help to help us identify a person of interest in this case,” Malecki told reporters. “I’m sure someone, someone knows the name of this man.”

Malecki said police believed that “many armed individuals” were present at the University Avenue barricade and that at least four people could have participated in the shooting. He said police believe that at least eight shots were fired at the Jeep after Turner attempted to cross the barricade.