Kanye West not so long ago suddenly moved to Chicago, leaving Kim with children in Los Angeles – but that does not mean that the rapper will now communicate with the family much less often. Kanye brought two-year-old Seint West to Chicago and took his son to the baseball game of the Chicago club White Sox, taking part in his opening.

In American baseball there is an interesting tradition: often for the first submission to the pitcher’s hill invite celebrities. Regularly enough baseball matches are opened, for example, Mila Kunis – and now it was made by Kanye West’s two-year-old son and Kim Kardashian.


Of course, a two-year-old boy could not cope with the pitch, so Kanye himself did it for him. Saint was standing next to his father on a pitcher’s hill, not at all embarrassed by the fact that thousands of people were watching him from the stands.