With the movie Operation Finale, Netflix aligns a solid cast to tell a true story that promises to be intense.

During and after the Second World War, few names were as hated as Adolf Eichmann’s. This SS officer and Nazi war criminal is notably known to have been “the architect” of the “final solution” and thus the massacre of millions of Jews. And in the historic film  Operation Final to come on Netflix, and here is the trailer, it will be about his hunt in South America and its capture in 1960 by Israeli spies.

A manhunt for justice

Directed by the experienced and rewarded Chris Weitz ( A Better Life ), the film promises intense thanks to a strong cast: Oscar Isaac ( Star Wars 8 ), Ben Kingsley ( Iron Man 3 ), Lore Raz ( Fauda ) or still Melanie Lawrence ( Inglourious Basterds ), and this despite the dubious quality of the only replica of the actress in the trailer, but let’s move on.

Final Operation arrives on Netflix very soon, namely October 3rd.

Final Operation – Trailer (VF and VOST)