According to the news, director Matthew Vaughn has made a serious effort, but if his calculations come in, there will be a great joy among Kingsman fans.

We’ve heard a lot of strange things about the next Kingsman movie in the past few months, but we have not been able to make sure of anything. Although we cannot serve an official announcement, thanks to Collider, we have received information from reliable sources that partially confirm previous rumors.

First and foremost, the long-awaited history film seems to be realizing. According to the news, shooting could take off in January in London, where four and a half months of work would take place in the decade-long film. We know that Vaughn wants to take this movie in the tone of historical drama over the spy-thrill style so far and wants to show the world through Kingsman’s eyes.

In addition to the interesting story story, we are still mostly interested in continuing the story of characters already familiar, since the second part also led the Statesman. Vaughn has not forgotten about them and is said to be slow to finish the screenplay. In the sequel, you definitely want to bring back the characters of Taron Egerton and Colin Firth, and you do not even want to get a lot of fun on it, you’re gonna shoot right after you’ve done the show. Kingsman 3 twists out the Töki-Galahad story, but does not permanently close the way to these characters, so they can appear at any time in future projects.

And if we have future projects, we have almost forgotten, but we have a Kingsman TV series. Moreover, no matter what! Vaughn wants the series to come to the movies, but it’s so different that they’re worth making. The director rules this rule on every other Kingsmanes plan, so if he’s done it does not have to worry about the deterioration of quality.