We got a little taste of future-looking visual arts, which leaves something to be desired.

Future newer-young adult book adaptations, the latest member of Artemis Fowl, is going forward. The original novel series (including seven books, plus two additional books) was written by Irish writer Eoin Colfer and published the first volume in 2001. You are the protagonist Artemis, an 11-year-old kid of jenni, who is the most recent series of a notorious criminal dynasty. In the first novel (Life and Death with Fairies), the boy is helping his family in the financial situation, kidnapping a fairy and ransom for him.

Disney is not so famous for Disney’s adaptation to the canvas of Artemis Fowl. Based on the preliminary rumors, the film will compress the stories of the first two novels, and if it hits them (and why it does not come in?), They will continue to go further. It is a bit more interesting information that the order was set for nothing other than the Shakespeare Adaptor himself, Kenneth Branagh, then he said the offer. (Actors, Robert De Niro, also appear on the executive producer list.)

The novels were originally intended to be filmed in 2001, but in spite of the written scenario they did not want to be filmed. The rights finally came to Disney in 2013, who saw the unused area intended for children to be captured. At that time, they went into the business with The Weinstein Company, which ended with the firing of producer Harvey Weinstein last year with her company for scandals. This is perfectly acceptable, but Kenneth Branagh’s picture is still questionable. (Probably Disney was happy with the Cinderella adaptation of the director, too, that he frowned on a lot of fans of the traditional story – I’m thinking of music, for example).

The previews did not show much, but they packed momentary scenes in a row. And as far as the basic story is concerned (sorry if we hate the fans), we must leave it, and Artemis Fowl looks quite frantic. This is what Disney is all about: in the field of visualization, it’s always up to you to bring it, but it’s a pity that so far the ingredients are not so convincing.