Adele attended the concert of Celine Dion, than she was incredibly pleased with the singer.
Despite the success, fame and admiration of the multi-million audience, many stars continue to be critical of themselves and strive for even greater perfection. They work day and night with teachers, work in the studio and, by the way, quite often they learn and are inspired by their no less famous colleagues, listening to their tracks and attending concerts. Adele is no exception.

The other day the singer was seen at the concert of the legendary Celine Dion, who always caused her delight. Adele came to the show in a video with a photo of Dion and even made a photo together with her in a gram. By the way, a picture of the stars appeared not only in the Instagram Adele: Celine also shared with the fans a rare frame and admitted that she was very pleased to see Adele at his concert.