50 Cent earned a small fortune with Bitcoin. Discover how the rapper, and wise businessman, has managed this masterful move.

50 Cent, who is going on tour with Chris Brown, definitely has business sense! He believed in Bitcoin before anyone else and he did well. We are in 2014, and no one believes in this digital currency. Yet 50 Cent accepts that his fans can buy his album “Animal Ambition” by paying in Bitcoins.

Unheard of until then, the currency is then little known to the general public. That’s why he decides to go for it. A project, basically, without backs thoughts.

A bet on the future

When he agrees to get paid in Bitcoins for an album, 50 Cent is indeed more than a pioneer. He is simply the first. A Bitcoin at the time was worth 662 dollars. The sale of the album explodes and brought him in all, over 700 bitcoins, or 400,000 dollars.

But since then, the value of Bitcoin has appreciated (+ 1500%). And now it’s about $ 8 million today. Having a taste for risk can pay off. And obviously, 50 Cent had understood …