US President Donald Trump wants a military parade to showcase US military power, underscoring his role as commander-in-chief, the White House said on Tuesday.

“President Trump is completely in solidarity with the military who risk their lives every day to ensure the security of our country. He asked the Department of Defense to study the creation of a ceremony at which all Americans will be able to express their gratitude, “said White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders, confirming information from the Washington Post. .

The Pentagon for its part confirmed that it was “in the process of settling specific points”.

The billionaire already caressed the idea of a military parade in Washington before his election and was particularly impressed by the French military parade on July 14 – described as formidable – when he was received with great fanfare by President Emmanuel Macron in Paris.

Donald Trump then spoke of the idea of organizing one in Washington on July 4, the day of the American National Day.

But this decision provoked violent criticism among his detractors, who compared his attitude to that of an autocratic regime leader.

“What a waste of absurd money! Trump behaves more like a dictator than a president, “said elected Democrat Jim McGovern.


The US president has already drawn the wrath of the opposition at the beginning of the week when he accused the elected Democrats who did not applaud him in his speech on the state of the Union, to have guilty of “treason”.