US President Donald Trump has said he is very disappointed with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, who has not released American rapper A $ AP Rocky.

A $ AP Rocky is being prosecuted for mistreatment. The rapper was arrested in Sweden at the beginning of July this year after footage surfaced showing that he hit and kicked a man.

The American president expressed his disappointment on Twitter . “Very disappointed in Prime Minister Stefan Lofven because he was unable to act. I saw the images of A $ AP Rocky and he was followed and insulted by troublemakers.”

The Swedish prosecutor announced on Thursday that the rapper and two men from his entourage will be definitively prosecuted.

The images were first shared on social media by A $ AP Rocky. This showed how the rapper tried to calm down a fight. Two men would have been following the rapper and his entourage for some time, even though they had asked the men to stop.