Jake Gyllenhaal is not only one of the most sought-after Hollywood actors of recent years, but also an enviable groom. It seems that in his 38 years he feels quite comfortable in the status of a bachelor, but it is not. The blockbuster star Spiderman: Away from Home dreams of a strong family and children.

Recently, the actor gave an interview in which he spoke about the new Broadway production Sea Wall / A Life, where he plays the main roles together with Tom Sterridge. He admitted that sad monologues about what it was like to be parents made him think about the continuation of the race.

“This is a play about faith, family, mistakes and comedic life situations. This story is about two fathers, my hero is waiting for the birth of the first child and recalls the relationship with his own father, ”says Jake. “I had to learn a lot, as you know, I am not a father myself. But I hope to become one someday, ”he added.

Still, the actor still has little experience with children; he tries to see his sister Maggie, 12-year-old Ramona and 7-year-old Gloria more often. “My sister raised two beautiful daughters. They are just amazing girls, ”the actor admires with her nieces. In addition, Gyllenhaal is the godfather of 13-year-old Matilda, daughter of Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams.