Today, Saturday, US President Donald Trump continued his comment about the riots taking place in some American cities to protest the killing of a black American citizen by police violence during his arrest.

“Those who are called” protesters “and who have been professionally run are not associated with George Floyd’s memory, ” Trump said on his official Twitter account, “They gathered there to create problems.”

“The Secret Service dealt with them easily, tonight, as I understand it, it was a night that made America big in the White House,” he added.

“These are organized groups that have nothing to do with the murder of George Floyd, sadly.”

Clashes erupted between protesters and Secret Service personnel in the vicinity of the White House, on Friday, after a number of them gathered in front of the American President’s headquarters to protest against the killing of Floyd by the Minneapolis police.

And the US Secret Service closed the White House building on Friday evening, to prevent anyone from approaching it following the protests.

Floyd , a black man, died this week after being installed by a white officer on the ground under his knee, sparking demonstrations against police brutality and racial discrimination in cities across the United States.