Steve Bannon, a former adviser to US President Donald Trump, warned European countries that the world had returned to a situation similar to World War II, noting “war clouds are gathering on the horizon.”

“Beijing wants to dominate, but Italian Foreign Minister Luigi de Mayo is not aware of this,” Bannon, who was previously chief adviser to strategic affairs, told the newspaper Corriere della Sera.

He added to the Italians: “You have de Mayo and the Five-Star Movement, who were subjected to the Communist Party of China, a totalitarian dictatorship, for money and embarrassing naivety,” noting that “Italy faces a situation far worse than the Corona epidemic, where you will witness an economic hell caused by a corrupt political class and is Efficient. “
He said: “I see the clouds of war gather on the horizon, so Europe must understand that we are back in 1938 again,” referring to the years of World War II.

Trump had sacked BannonIn August 2017, he described him as losing his mind after he revealed information about his management to journalist Michael Wolfe, in his book “Fire and Rage: Inside Trump’s White House.”

Bannon, when assuming the post of Trump’s adviser, was accused of being a leading advocate of white-skinned superiority, while US media spoke that his dismissal was linked to a power struggle with Trump’s adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner.