The Canadian prime minister indicated that the details of the agreed supply will be given in the future.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed Tuesday that his country will deliver heavy artillery to Ukraine.

When asked during a press conference about Canadian aid to Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, the politician said that Ottawa supports kyiv on different levels.

“Our support to Ukraine has been financial, as we continue to disburse billions of dollars in funds to help Ukraine. […] We have intervened with military assistance, both non-lethal and lethal, and of course we are there with humanitarian aid,” Trudeau said in Dalhousie, a town in the province of New Brunswick.

“Over the last few weeks, we have been in close contact with President Zelensky […], and we are very receptive to what they need more specifically. Their most recent request to Canada is to help them with heavy artillery, because that is what the phase is all about. of the war right now. Canada will send heavy artillery,” Trudeau said, promising to give more details about the delivery in the future.

“We will continue to support Ukraine and uphold the values ​​that underpin all free societies,” the Canadian prime minister said.

Earlier the same day, Trudeau had a video chat with US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Following the conversation, Biden and Johnson also confirmed their willingness to send Ukraine more artillery, Reuters reports .

In particular, the British leader told lawmakers about the Russo-Ukrainian conflict: “This will become an artillery conflict, [the Ukrainians] need support with more artillery, that’s what we’ll give them […] as well as many other forms of support. For his part, Biden responded positively to an open question about the possible shipment of more artillery to Ukraine.